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About us

about us gemspark diamonds


GemSpark Diamonds -- a never ending desire

Gemspark Diamonds is a flourishing natural loose diamond wholesale supplying company B2B, headquartered in the city of Los Angeles, USA with an unbridled ambition to transform itself into a pre-eminent integrated conglomerate in the world.

We are an Indian family owned business with an established track record in supplying diamonds of all calibrations to Jewellery manufacturers and retail businesses of all sizes with an unrelenting focus on quality diamonds, fantastic services and intimate understanding of their requirements.

The first visionary spark for establishing a diamond trading business with “soul”, emerged back in June 1999 when it was founded in London and traded diamonds to the most reputed and branded jewellery producers from Europe.

Gemspark, was founded on two principles, PASSION for diamonds and TRUST for the people engaged in the entire value chain of the diamond trade, right from getting the goods manufactured to wholesaling. We believe in the power of networking and growing as a team. The team which consists of professionals who not only treasure the value of diamonds but also revere the value of their customers.

The journey of Gemspark has taken over a decade with the founder being an expert gemmologist himself, who thrives for quality over money and it’s his passion for diamonds which has led to his setting his foot in this luxury business. And, we are in our constant endeavour to extend our expertise to our valued customers.

We treat our customers and business associates with great passion and maintain an excellent business liaison with them. We respect them and understand their needs of services from their diamond suppliers. We maintain cutting edge communication and oblige to basic law of commerce used in our trade.

Our pattern of work is crystal clear like flawless diamonds with full honesty. Our team is well qualified and experienced to handle step by step procedure of excellent services.

We are open throughout the year 0830 AM to 0630 PM PST of California except Sundays and public holidays. Our business communication continues for our overseas long distance clients.

We eagerly wait for your call and email daily to offer our services.