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Diamonds supplied by us are purchased and sold as per prices in the industry, and it all depends on the market situation. The prices in diamonds are not always stable and it keeps fluctuating frequently, the prices provided can change without notice and they don’t last long. Please enquire while placing the order.

Since we are  wholesale suppliers, we can assure you a cutting edge prices with fantastic services as and when required, we will put all our effort to conclude your orders on time. For us, your order is not small or large. We treat even the single stone order seriously and with utmost care and attention.

Most of our diamonds are cut & polished in India & China and are of excellent quality.

The price list is updated as and when it changes. Please ask for it when required.

Diamonds sizes from 4.5 mm i.e. 0.33 carats onwards each purity are sold as certified separately.