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Working Pattern

Our Purity of Diamonds

our purity of Diamonds

We supply melee sized tiny diamonds from 1.00 mm till 4.10 mm. IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI2, SI3 & I1. Diamonds sizes from 4.5 mm i.e. 0.33 carats onwards each purity are sold as certified separately.

Our Cut of Diamonds

diamond cut

The Diamonds we supply are of EXCELLENT and VERY GOOD cut. We ensure that we import only quality cut diamonds and therefore the same high quality is assured to our valued customers. The facets proportion are perfectly cut and polished. Girdles are very thin to thin, and table is eye clean even if you choose to purchase SI1 or SI2 quality diamonds. Most of our customers produce pave, micro pave and channel set diamond fine jewellery. Our diamonds are perfect for CAD designed CNC, channel, micro pave and pave set jewelleries and watches.

Our Make of Diamonds

making of diamond

We supply only good make diamonds EXCELLENT MAKE and VERY GOOD MAKE in which you see the spark. The MAKE of DIAMONDS creates a great impact when seen from the front crown side. Even though the purity and colour is inferior it will appear of better quality diamonds. 

Our Calibrated Services

calibrated services

We offer calibrated services to our client. Melee sized tiny diamonds from 1.00 mm till 4.10 mm we ensure the diamonds are perfectly sieved to bring out calibrated size. We separate and pack them MM wise. On request from our clients we once again loupe them before delivery. 

Our Assortment Pattern


Our each and every diamond is louped and assorted properly. So you don’t see mix qualities. Our paper packets are of high quality that demonstrate its colour & quality and safely packaging.

Our Gauging and Weighing

gauging and weighing

We use appropriate instruments and tools to gauge and weigh the diamonds to be perfect in calibration. Such instruments and tools are trusted ones and are widely used in the diamond trade across the globe. We ensure that the weight of diamonds is PERFECT, (Not even a micro cents of difference can be found) so that you work with us with peace of mind, trust and honesty.